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Autobahn 1 -K Bed Liner
  • Can Be Applied By Spraying On or Rolling On
  • 5 mil thickness is desired for best results and durability.
  • One gallon covers approximately 80-100 sq. feet at 5 mil thickness.
  • Dry's for use in 24 hours fully cured in 72 hours.
  • Surface Prep: Remove dirt, wax, grease, rust, and loose paint. Sand / Scuff  with 120 - 220 grit or equivalent paper / scuff pad. Clean the surface with a quality wax/grease remover then tack cloth wipe down. Mask entire area's to protect adjacent surfaces from over-spray.
  • Spray on Guide: Use at temps between 68f - 90f degrees with less then 50% humidity. Shake can well before use. The bed liner is ready to spray straight from the can or it can be reduced up to 10% with lacquer thinner. Note that lower air pressure will increase texture. Thinning will result in better flow and smoother texture. Apply in a wet even coat adjusting distance from surface to form desired texture. Wait 5- 10 minutes between coats. For Maximum durability 2 coats in the minimum recommended. The bed liner will dry to touch in 30 minute and use cure in 24 hours.
  • Roll On Guide: Start by using a small brush to cut in all corners, edges and other hard to reach places. Starting at the front of truck spread an even thin coat on all surfaces desired to be covered. Wait 1 - 2 hours before reapplying (test first to make sure you can crawl back in the bed to recoat) Apply the second coat making sure to cover any area's missed during the first coat. Repeat as desired to achieve thickness desired and / or texture. 
Part #
Per Item
Truck Each
AS - 5100 Gallon Bedliner $ 49.50 $ 42.00


Astro Undercoating / Bedliner Gun
UCG 100
  • This high quality Undercoating gun is designed for use with the bulk cans of Truck Bed Coating and Undercoating.
  • Easy to use and provides excellent coverage for applying the durable, fast-drying coating to truck beds and other direct-to-metal applications.
  • Includes Quart size can.
Part #
Price Each
UCG - 100 Undercoating Gun W/ Cup $ 23.50
UCG - CUP Replacement Cup $ 3.50


Astro Pneumatic Economy Air Undercoat Gun
  • Applies a top quality undercoat to vehicles to fight rust and stone ships
    • Applies all popular brands of undercoat in any viscosity
    • Quick disassembly for faster cleanups
    • Weight: 0.65lbs
  • No Cup
Part #
Price Each
4538 Economy Air Undercoat Gun No Cup $ 9.00


Dupli-Color® Brake Caliper Paint Kit
  • Customizing your brake calipers just got a whole lot easier. Now you can just brush on color with NEW High Performance Caliper Paint Kit.
  • The complete kit includes everything you need to add color and style to your brake calipers: Caliper Cleaner, Caliper Paint, stir stick, paint brush, masking tape and complete instruction book.
  • The kit includes enough to customize four calipers and is heat resistant to 500 & Mac251; F intermittent.
  • Caliper Paint features Ceramic Resins for maximum heat dissipation. It won’t blister, flake, crack or peel.
  • Four hot colors available to match your ride; Red, Yellow, Silver and Racing Black Satin.
Part #
Price Each
BCP401 Yellow Kit $ 12.00
BCP402 Silver Kit $ 12.00
BCP403 Racing Black Satin Kit $ 12.00