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Original Mack Pinstripping Brush
  • 100% Unmixed Blue Squirrel Hair
  • Hand Crafted And Shaped As It Was Many Years Ago
  • Extra Attention Given To Quality Control With Respect To Shape And Cleaning
  • The Very Finest Grade Of Blue Squirrel
  • Our New Blue Thread Ferrule
  • Regular Length Of Hair: 2 inches or 5.08cm
Part #
Price Each
10-0 The original Mack Pinstripe brush size #0 1/4" wide $ 10.00
10-00 The original Mack Pinstripe brush size #00 7/32" wide $ 10.00
10-000 The original Mack Pinstripe brush size #000 3/16" wide $ 10.00


Mack Sword Striper Brush (Pinstriping & Touch-Ups)
  • Finest Quality Squirrel Hair Stripers Made
  • Lacquer and Enamel Resistant
  • The Sword Style is the Best for All-Around Work Excellent for Auto Body Touch-up and Pinstriping
  • Dark Green Thread Ferrule
  • America's No.1 Automotive Touch-Up Brush Used by all leading Body Shops for Paint Touch-Up and Pinstriping
  •  Regular Length Of Hair: 2 inches
Part #
Price Each
20-0 Sword striper pinstripe and touch up brush size #0 1/4" wide $ 7.50
20-00 Sword striper pinstripe and touch up brush size #00 7/32" wide $ 7.50
20-1 Sword striper pinstripe and touch up brush size #1 5/16" wide $ 7.50


Mack Xcaliber Pinstriping Brush
  • What makes the XCaliber special is it's short hair length.
  • Only 1 1/2" vs. the average 2" and 2 1/4".
  • This shorter length allows greater control for intricate designs as well as long lines.
  • Available in 0000, 000, 00 & 0 sizes
Part #
Price Each
X-0 Xcaliber pinstripe brush size #0 1/4" wide $ 15.00
X-00 Xcaliber pinstripe brush size #00 7/32" wide $ 15.00
X-000 Xcaliber pinstripe brush size #000 3/16" wide $ 15.00
X-0000 Xcaliber pinstripe brush size #0000 5/32" wide $ 15.00


Mack Long Bob & Scrolling Pinstriping Brush
  • This brush offering, is a modification of the Bobbo Super Quad.
  • We are using the same mixture of hair that is offered in the Bobbo, which is a black synthetic and blue squirrel blend, but with extended hair lengths of 1 ¾" to 2".
  • We have had great success with the Bobbo brush, and have had requests for a longer hair length version.
  • With the mixture of hair that is used, this provides medium versatility for enamels as well as urethanes without compromising performance.
  • The smaller sizes offer intricate design work capabilities coupled with very tight cornering. As you progress to the higher sizes the brush will allow you to do longer line work with thicker consistent line quality.
  • Available in 000, 00 & 1 sizes
Part #
Price Each
LB-1 Long Bob pinstripe brush size #1 $ 8.50
LB-00 Long Bob pinstripe brush size #00 $ 8.50
LB-000 Long Bob pinstripe brush size #000 $ 8.50


Bobbo/Mack Super Quad Brush ( 4 actions in 1 )
  • This is another development between Bobbo and Mack Brush Co. to bring to the pinstriper-artist a new brush to fulfill some of the difficult tasks of using a brush to it's fullest.
  • This brush because of it's shorter bristles and fine blue squirrel & black synthetic hair makes scrolling easier and faster.
  • It also pinstripes short lines, 2-4 feet in length without having to change brushes.
  • Plus it will let you letter your signature very small and also do small script lettering.
  • This brush has adequate snap and flexibility other brushes don't have.
  • This allows the pinstriper/scroller to use one brush for four purposes without having to change brushes or color.
Part #
Price Each
B/M SQ-0 Bobbo/Mack Super Quad Brush - size #0 $ 6.75
B/M SQ-00 Bobbo/Mack Super Quad Brush - size #00 $ 6.75
B/M SQ-1 Bobbo/Mack Super Quad Brush - size #1 $ 6.75


Mack Acid Brushes
  • Avalible in 4 popular brush sizes
  • 6" in Length
  • Great for motor and engine cleaning and repair.
  • Excellent for applying acid, paste, glue and solder in difficult to reach areas.
  • Excellent for lead work, spreading solder & seam sealing.
  • Stiff Horse hair
Part #
Price Each
7-0 Acid Brush 1/4" size $ 0.20
7-1 Acid Brush 3/8" size $ 0.20
7-2 Acid Brush 1/2" size $ 0.20
7-3 Acid Brush 9/16" size $ 0.20