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1.)    What are the shipping charges for UPS orders?


      Our shipping and handling is based on what you spend and zip code. Our minimum order is $50.00 A chart is below:

Merchandise Total

Schedule A

Schedule B

$1000.01 Plus



$1000.01 to 1200



$800.01 to $1000



$600.01 to $800



$400.01 to $600



$200.01 to $400



$50 to $200



       Zip Codes beginning with 047, 586 thru 599, 785, 797 thru 994 use Schedule B

       All other Zip Codes use Schedule A


2.)    How do I get truck price?


      Truck has a few catches its motor freight. 1) Has to be a commercial delivery address that can accept 52 ft tractor trailer. 2) The combined weight of the order must be at least 250lbs. of mixed and match materials. 3) Where indicated you must by the item by the case or more Items are priced per piece unless other wise indicated.


3.)    Can I order online?


      Currently,  We do not offer online ordering. All Orders must be phoned in, mailed in, or faxed in.

For a Printable Order Form Click Here


4.)    What is the mailing address, fax number and order numbers?


      Our order number is : 1800 541-0399


      Our fax number is: 1502 966-2239


      The mailing address is:    Smart Shoppers

                                            4200 Produce Rd.

                                            Louisville, Ky 40218


5.)    What are Smart Shoppers business hours?


       Monday – Friday  9am to 5pm eastern standard time.


6.)    How much of an area will a gallon of paint cover? will it paint my car or truck?


      Depending on the skill level of the painter and material being painted a gallon should cover between 200-600 sq ft. (a full size car or truck not including inside bed of the truck) to do door jams, under hood, trunk and/or inside of the truck bed you will need 2 gallons.


7.)    Who is Kirker and what can you tell me about their paint?


      Since 1898 the Kirker Automotive line of automotive and fleet refinish products have been precisely formulated and manufactured utilizing the very best materials available. Each product is manufactured to meet or exceed the most demanding automotive industry standards.

      Careful attention to detail yields automotive refinish products that are economical, of high quality, and virtually trouble free. All color formulas are computer matched to the vehicle manufacturer's standards. The Quality Control Team at Kirker Automotive insures that all products are tested for quality and color. The Kirker Automotive laboratory staff is readily available to offer their expertise and technical assistance whenever needed. Their toll free number is 1 800 307-7951.  for more information please visit Kirker  there is no link back to us from Kirker's site. Quick reference chart click here


8.) How are items are priced?


    All items are individually priced the unless otherwise specified. Case quantities are listed so you can figure out the cost per case


9) Printable Version Of the Start To Finish Directions


             Click Here


10.) I don't see an item from a manufacturer's product line, But you carry some of their other products does Smart Shoppers carry it or can they get it?


       Due to the large number of products from various manufacturers we can not carry and list everything they have & produce on our web site.  99% of the time if you don't see an item give us a call chances are we can have the item in stock within 5 day's or less (special orders). We try keep everything on the web site in stock at all times but sell outs do happen ( we usually have the item back in stock with in a few days).


11.) What are special orders?


        Special Order's are products we don't normally stock but will order if a customer wants the item or item's. Special ordered item's must be paid for in advance no exceptions. Most special order's do take up to 5 days for us to receive before we can ship it out to the customer . If we can get the order to you quicker we will.


12) What does a quart, or gallon, or drum of paint, primer, clear coat, thinner, reducer, bondo, fiberglass, or wax, weigh (If Your Trying To Go Truck)?


       A roll/sleeve of Sandpaper weight is approximately  2-4 LBS,  Gallon's weight is approximately 9-12 LBS.,  A Quart's weight is approximately 3-5 LBS.,  A 5 Gallon Pail's weight is approximately 38-42 LBS.,  A 16 Gallon mini drum's weight is approximately 140-150 LBS., A 55 Gallon Drum's weight is approximately 440 LBS, Most air tools/spray guns weight is about 4-7 lbs each.


13) I Want to do a  paint job with House Of Kolor but, I don't know what all I need?


      Please Click Here For House Of Color Tech Library it will answer most questions for more detail you can always call us toll free.


14) What are the basic steps to a paint job?


      here is an article we found and covers the basics       Paint Basics click here.


More to come later


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